Blogging Plan - Day 7

On day 6 we used a few sites to get traffic to our blog.

Day 7 – Check, Improve and Market Like Crazy

Objective: To gather data on your site’s performance. With that data do some minor changes to your site and continue to market it.

Login to your Google Adsense account, and check your stats. See how much money you’ve made, and notice all the other stats. Notice how many people click on your ads (CTR).

Login to your Cpanel account, and it is click on “Webstats” and check for the “Awstats” function. See how many visitors came to your blog in the past month. Identify which websites they are coming from. Identify what keywords they typed into the search engines, and which search engines they used.

Did anyone come from Technorati? How many people came from Google and what keywords did they type to find you? Do you have this keyword in your list? If not, add it to your list and create more posts containing these keywords.

The more you know about what’s happening, the more you know what to improve.

Go to Google and type in this instruction in their search box:

Clicks on “Search”. See if Google has already indexed some pages from your site. If you’ve followed the guide so far, your site should already be indexed. If not, check back in a few days and you should see your main page indexed.

You’re now at the end of day 7, where you should take a complete break from all your Internet activities. Read up more on your niche market, or just do something else not related to your blog.

Then set-up a working schedule, clearly writing how much content you can post in a day, how many directories you can submit to, how many articles you can submit, and how many blogs you can read and comment on a daily or weekly basis.

Last, all you need to do is to repeat days 1-7 over and over again. Along the way, you’ll pick up some of your own ways of doing things, and apply them.

As you Adsense income increases, you may want to consider other forms of monetization to your blog to make even more money and maximizing your return on investment.