New Blogging Plan

Day 1 – Prepare a Plan

Objective: Decide on a topic you want to write about, and get a domain name.

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Go to the Yahoo search tool and type in a few keywords. Spend some time exploring this tool, and see how each keyword is represented here. Try to see the relationship between the main keyword you typed in, and all the other keywords given by the software. After exploring different keywords, decide on 3-5 main keywords in different markets and write them down.

Think about which topic would be the easiest for you to start on NOW, without any additional research. Eliminate the rest and choose only one topic. Identify your main keyword that will be used on your site.

Download Good Keywords and using your 3 main keywords, try to get a list of as many other related keywords. Arrange these by groups in an Excel sheet, putting all related keywords
into a group, forming 3 separate Excel sheets. The data should contain the keyword name, and right next to it the amount of searches last month.

Choose ONE group of keywords, Make sure this group has enough smaller keywords within it (at least 30), and this will form the topic of your first Adsense site. Identify your primary keyword (can only be one), and also your secondary and long tail keywords. Rearrange these keywords in 3 separate columns to make it more meaningful.

Now go at GoDaddy or any other site you want and search for a domain name. A domain name is the “address” of your new website. Without an address no one will find you on the Internet. Make sure your domain name contains the keywords you’ve chosen earlier.

Did you find a .com domain name for the keyword? Register this domain name. Choose a one-year registration for now. Make a payment, and keep the email receipt for your business / tax purposes. Your domain will take a few hours to be fully registered.

Take a rest and do something you like. Read a book on the topic you’ve just decided on, or watch a TV program about it. You can also just go to sleep.

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